The Zero Trust Protection, Compliance, and Experience platform
for Microsoft 365

Comprehensive and intuitive solution for Microsoft 365 that protects sensitive information, while limiting future litigation and compliance exposure.
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U.S. companies have experienced a data breach within their supply chains... (Ponemon Institute)

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$3,596.3M will be the global VDR market size by 2028, led by the USA (13.50% CAGR)
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Increase in the volume of data downloaded to USB media by employees since COVID-19... (Digital Guardian)

Protect sensitive information

Automatically secure your sensitive information using Microsoft MIP, even when shared externally, with customers, suppliers, and partners. Govern 365 is quick to deploy, and easy to use.
  • Leverage Microsoft Information Protection to safeguard your Intellectual Property(IP)
  • Protection permissions are synchronized with workspace access control
  • Encourage good data citizenship, without burdening user productivity
  • Deploy in 30-45 min, with optional base label setup
Web Security by Govern 365
Supply Chain Data Protection

Limit litigation and compliance exposure

Manage your content lifecycle using Govern 365's recertification and smart disposition capabilities, thereby reducing litigation and compliance exposure.
  • Protect sensitive content from mishandling
  • Protect against future revenue loss
  • Limit future litigation liability
  • Eliminate undetectable loss or theft

Frictionless and easy to use

Make it easier for users and admins to unlock and manage the powerful features of Microsoft 365 content protection and compliance.
  • View, find, and filter all workspaces by user role
  • Guide users through workload, template, and feature selection
  • Encourage good data citizenship through protection and workspace tagging
  • Provides at at-a-glace user responsibility metrics illustratively

Govern Microsoft 365, even on the go...

Unified Directory

Minimally simple, yet elegant, putting the functionality users need in one simple, easy-to-use experience, where everything they need is no more than a click away...

Made for Teams

Designed from the ground up for Microsoft Teams in, works across all devices, platforms, resolutions, and orientations...

Card Density

Sorted by content modified date, beautifully dense cards include Icons with tooltips indicating workspace settings, metadata tags, and applied sensitivity label...

Govern 365 Mobile View

Responsibility Metrics

Illustratively indicates user content responsibility for all returned workspaces within the find and filter scope, indicating workload, ownership, protection, and sharing status...

Filter and Find

Filter by workload, protection and sharing status, or workspace user role, even modified date... Find workspaces instantly, using full-text search across all workspace properties, tagging, and applied label...

New Workspace Request

Guided step-by-step process that simplifies workload and template selection, with customizable messaging, encouraging good data citizenship through advanced content protection...

Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Microsoft 365 environment. It has helped ensure the right balance of administrative control and providing our users with the optimal empowerment. We no longer have our IT team manually processing requests for new SharePoint Sites and are especially saving a significant amount of time creating sites from our more complicated templates.
Brett Cox Collaboration Specialist, Keysight Technologies

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